5 Reasons Your Service & Technology Firms Website Is Scaring Away Your Best Clients…And The Steps To Fix It.

Not all service or technology websites are created equal.

Some websites are lead and sales magnets while others repel the very best clients.

In this short report, we will cover the five biggest issues that service or technology websites have.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it covers about 96% of most site problems.

I’m going to show you some tweaks to turn your existing website into a lead and sales asset for your business.

Problem 1

Approximately 64% of all online traffic is currently mobile, and that number is only increasing each year.

Even in the B2B world the number of mobile visitors outpaces the number of desktop visitors.

Only a few years ago visitors on mobile devices were the exception.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment if your website isn’t designed for mobile first and desktop second, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

The key here is that mobile is the first screen and desktop is second.

Many sites are still using mobile responsive designs based on the desktop first approach.

These sites are often slow to load, not very feature-rich, and almost impossible to navigate on a mobile device.

Unfortunately, this is the most common issue with websites.

The easiest way to fix this is to have a WordPress site built using a standard theme.

One of the objections I hear is the cost.

But consider this: What is the cost of a poorly designed website?

How many clients is your site scaring away?

Think about this over a 2 year timeframe. How many direct sales and referrals did your site cost you?

The second objection I hear is my site might look like every other accountant or CPA’s site.

The reality is that there are over 100,000 WordPress themes which can be applied to your design giving you your own unique look.

Problem 2

Even if you are not a huge fan of branding, you do need consistency in your website and user experiences.

All too often users go from page to page and there is zero consistency.

Some logos are huge while other pages have a small one. Sites are cluttered with multiple font sizes, styles and colors.

In today’s current environment your customers do not respond to flashing arrows, clipart graphics, and other design elements that looked cool in 1999.

One of the other issues is that a website with a lack of branding makes customers not feel safe.

Do you really want to give money to an accountant who can’t even invest in a decent website experience?

At this point having a website is the bare minimum to be taken seriously.

Problem 3

Your future service or technology clients can’t connect with you.

How successful would your business be if your customers did not have a way to contact you?

Yet many service or technology websites make it difficult for customers to connect with you.

Many have forms that are improperly formatted and don’t show up correctly on a mobile device.

The input buttons are too small.

The submit button blends into the background.

Often when you do enter your information you can’t see all the characters because the form isn’t wide enough.

Modern websites need to have a way to collect the name and email of potential clients.

Problem 4

Slow loading pages will kill your leads and sales.

Amazon learned this the hard way.

They did an experiment with different pages and load times.

They discovered that 1 second could cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales.

The reason for slow loading pages could be your server setup, but it is more likely your site design.

Many business owners check their page load speed on high-speed desktop connections and never take into account the typical user is on a mobile device.

Also, if you view the page once, your browser will create a copy of it so when you visit it again it will load fast.

This will often skew the loading times for the website owner when they are reviewing their own page.

How much are you losing to slow loading pages?

Problem 5

We often say confused minds don’t buy, and that is definitely true when a prospect visits a website.

When I’m visiting a website of a small business owner, 9 times out of 10 I’m really confused about where to click or what to do.

The same way you don’t hire a DIY plumber or electrician to do anything important is the same reason you need to invest in quality design.

Make sure you have menus in the top section that are clear and easy to navigate.

Footers need to be consistent across all pages with working links to the most important pages on your website.

Next, you need to make sure that each page has a single call-to-action somewhere on the page for the most valuable action you need your prospects to take.

Pages need to load fast and the fonts need to be big enough to be legible on mobile devices.

If a potential client can’t easily navigate your website or feel like it is multiple websites pieced together, they will move on to your competitor.


If you take this report and examine your existing website for these 5 problems, you’ll probably find you violate a number of rules.

Each violation is costing you leads, clients, and profits.

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