When it comes to making sales online it takes work. It’s not as easy as throwing up some ads on Google and Facebook and hoping for the best.

You have to understand these factors at a minimum about your buyer:

  • What is the pain point?

  • What do they need to believe to buy?

  • What else have they tried that failed?

  • Why are you any different?

  • What is their awareness level?

Once you can answer these questions, you’re ready to start creating ads.

But here is where things go totally haywire for most people.

Creating ad copy and compelling images comes from knowing your buyer and being able to create a compelling argument on why they should say YES to you.

This is where the art of advertising comes in. You are not the only person selling to them in your market.

If your ads and images aren’t creative, you end up looking and sounding like everybody else and that’s the kiss of death.

Prospects will tune you out like a static filled AM station in the middle of the night.

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