The report you hold in your hands has the ability to change your business if you use it correctly.

In case you are wondering who I am to make such a bold statement, let me give you the 30 second run down.

I’m Charles Kirkland. I have won multiple marketing awards for sales with digital marketing. But what really counts is that I have helped clients sell millions of dollars of products and services online using a mix of direct response and digital marketing.

When you combine direct response marketing with a digital medium where you can track and optimize results within hours it gives you the ability to find what’s working and scale it.

That’s what this report is about. How to create hockey stick growth curves for the right business. Let me invite you to read this short report and so you can determine which of these strategies can be applied to your growth.

Step 1 – Find your power buyer.

Not all buyers are created equal. Most businesses make the mistake of treating all their buyers the same.

This is a massive mistake that will rob you of your profit. Once you analyze your customer database you will quickly see what I am talking about.

When you apply the 80/20 rule to your buyers and then the 80/20 rule to that segment you end up with 4% of your customers who are your power buyers.

This small percentage of buyers will account for 90% of your revenue. Once you understand and analyze this segment, your next question should be how do you get more of them.

Step 2 – Evaluate your marketing message. 

Does your marketing message attract power buyers or does it appeal to lower value clients?

Does your marketing attract the 4% of your buyers who give you 90% of your income?

Most businesses attract one-off, low-value buyers who create the most headache.

Once you update your marketing message to attract your dream power buyers, get ready to watch your sales skyrocket!

That’s what it takes to excel in business.

Step 3 – Be Specific

Just imagine you walked into a coffee shop to order your favorite drink. You know what you want, but the barista keeps offering you a soft drink. After spending the next 3 minutes trying to convince them you want a double espresso, they hand you a soft drink and ask you to leave.

Crazy, I know. But we see this happening every day online. You spend time and money to create the perfect ad and when a user visits your landing page it’s the coffee shop nightmare.

You have to create dedicated landing pages that match the intent of what users are looking for.

While coffee and soft drinks are both drinks, they are very different.

Are you running a dedicated landing page for each message that is aligned with your best performing keywords and interests?

One of the most common mistakes we see is people using one landing page for all the paid acquisition.

By using pages that are customized around your best keywords and interests you’re able to dramatically increase your lead generation. You will take people from cold prospects to buyers faster.

Step 4 – Where’s Waldo?

I’m sure you know this, but Google and Facebook track everything they can. Because of this they know what stage of buyer consideration you are at during any moment for any products you can see.

They are able to track your buyer habits. Using this data, when combined with 2 billion other users, they are able to pinpoint exactly what you will do before you do it.

Yes, it really feels like a plot for a sci-fi movie.

Now here is the question for you: Are you taking advantage of the conversion analytics and tracking that Google and Facebook provide?

If you’re not sending the right pixel conversions back to Facebook and Google, they will optimize based on the lowest value buyers.

When you feed the right customer acquisition data back into Facebook and Google they will optimize for the power 4% who are your best buyers.

Step 5 – Facebook vs Google

Are you treating Facebook and Google as the same advertising platform? Most people do, because that’s how Facebook and Google explain it.

But what they leave out of the descriptions is as important.

When people come to Google they’re looking for a solution to the problem. Just imagine little Johnny just got into a poison ivy and he’s scratching non-stop.

Would you head to Facebook and post about it and crowdsource your poison ivy information and wait a few hours to hear back from family and friends?

Or would you Google it and look for the most definitive sources that will show you how to stop the itching with a homemade remedy in 5 minutes?

Google exists to answer questions.

Because of this, the Google cost per click is typically higher than for Facebook and the conversion cycle is shorter. You are able to tap into the 4% who are looking for a solution to a problem.

So should I forget about Facebook? NO.

Keep in mind that Facebook has more data on individuals than you’ll ever be able to imagine. They know that most people don’t buy the moment they see anything. Because of that Facebook ads cost less than Google ads and you can market to people who are in all phases of the buying cycle.

You will need to use a longer warm up to nurture cold prospects into buyers with Facebook. But since you are able to inform and influence the buyer’s decision, it’s worth it.

Step 6 – Offers trump everything.

Think about this for a minute. Just imagine that your #1 competitor just set up shop right beside your storefront. This can be brick or mortar or digital. The results are the same.

While you sell 3 yellow widgets for $100 they are selling 6 yellow widgets for $120 and you don’t have to pay for 30 days. Plus, their product comes with a lifetime warranty.

It would be crazy not to buy from them. The offer is just so much better. In fact, you know they are selling them at a loss to gain market share and as soon as you fold they are going to raise the price.

Well, it happens every day online. Not understanding the competitive landscape and how your offer compares to that of your competitor’s offer is a fast way to spend money and get zero results.

Regardless of the traffic acquisition, if your offer isn’t head and shoulders above your competition it becomes extremely difficult to scale.

Step 7 – Big time results for pennies

Have you ever been to a competitor’s website and the next thing you know you are seeing their ads on Facebook, YouTube, Google? They are everywhere!

Most people think that takes a massive budget to pull off. And if you are using TV, radio, billboards, and print you are right. It takes a massive budget, and you have no real idea which ad created the sale.

But if you are using a progressive omni-channel digital marketing strategy, you’re able to show prospects a series of messages across ad networks.

Each message takes your prospects a step further along the buyer journey.

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