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I just got back from a trip to Baltimore, Maryland where I was training Agora Financial’s media buyers. It is wild to think that a simple country boy like me can teach some of the world’s best media buyers new ways to grow an already massive business.

What’s even wilder is that digital media buying is still in its infancy.

When I got started in 1999 I was only looking to make maybe $3,000 per month to replace my old engineering job. Little did I know that in just a few short years I would be recognized as one of the top 100 affiliates at ClickBank.

Going from being unknown to being thrust into the spotlight was very intimidating for me. I still remember when my ClickBank rep called and invited me to their headquarters in Boise.

Everybody at ClickBank thought Charles Kirkland was just the pen name of some super affiliate. My rep was in total shock when we finally met and she realized my southern accent was real.

And even though I was one of the top 100 affiliates that year, I was doing way more volume with CPA offers.

For 3 straight years, I won ClickBank awards.

At one point a ClickBank VP flew to Google headquarters to work on getting one of my AdWords accounts unbanned.

And yes, they got it unbanned.

Yet because media buying and digital marketing comes so natural to me, I never thought I had any special skills.

It’s crazy how we can all take our gifts for granted. It seems to be a common problem: you don’t realize what makes you so special.

I’ve been able to advise startups, gurus, and mega players like Agora and substantially move the needle in their businesses.

If your business growth isn’t where it should be, let’s talk and explore how I can help harness what is special about your business to maximize growth.

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Charles Kirkland
Founder of Trinity Marketing

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