When your marketing budget is limited you have to make every penny count. That's what we do; create results not excuses.

In order to maximize the budget and reduce the lead to close time, we created a detailed buyer persona and only ran ads to prospects at the bottom of the funnel. This created 95 leads in 34 days with an average cost per lead of $6.91.

The Client

Our client was starting a brand new firm as a solopreneur from ground zero. No name recognition, no branding, and a very limited budget.  

The only marketing asset was a one-page website.

Since the firm was just launching without an existing client base, we had to make sure to only target bottom-of-the-funnel prospects who are actively searching for the new firm.


Charles Kirkland – Founder of Trinity Marketing Agency

In Today’s Hyper-Competitive Market, It’s Not Which Business Has The Best Service That Wins, It’s Who Has The Best Marketing.

Unfortunately, it is a winner-take-all game with everyone else fighting for the crumbs. A few years ago all you needed was a partner who was the rainmaker and you were set.

Today you need branding, positioning, thought leadership, and the digital marketing chops to make the most of every lead regardless if it’s online or off-line.