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Full Service Google AdWords PPC Management
The world of PPC with Google AdWords and Bing Ads is in a constant flux of change and unless you’re ready to drop everything in your business to manage it 24/7, you need an expert.

Why We Are Different?
At Trinity Marketing Agency we can handle everything so you can focus on what you’re good at.  We don’t look at you as a client. Instead, we are your virtual marketing team.Adwords and Bing Ads have the ability to become your number one source of online growth when the campaigns are managed correctly.Unfortunately, so many agencies today just hire outsourcers or use an agency that subs it out to a white label agency with very little experience and then expect world-class results in competitive markets.That’s a recipe for a disaster for your business.We take a different approach because every client is different.Instead, we work with our partner clients to understand needs and create benchmarks with our in-house team of experts who have the AdWords management and optimization skills to manage complex PPC campaigns in the most competitive industries.

Our Approach To Google AdWords Management
Gone are the days when ad managers could login, review KPI’s and turn off a few losing campaigns, move their budget to the winners, and call it a day in 15 minutes.In today’s hyper-competitive market you have to rely on AI, Big Data, personalization, high levels of PPC automation, and human experiences to be competitive.

Industry Veterans
We have been using PPC since 2001 so we know a few things about how to run ads in hyper-competitive industries. These same ad management skills allowed our founder Charles Kirkland to become one of the top 100 affiliates at ClickBank in 2010, and we haven’t slowed down since.We use a variety of AI, Big Data, personalization automation and good old fashioned experience to create winning campaigns.

Proven Processes Lead To Success
At the end of the day all the technology, AI, Big Data, personalization, and automation are worthless if you don’t understand the data and know how to utilize it for growth.

Partners vs Clients
If you are looking for an agency that’s nothing more than a “Yes Man,” then we’re not going to be a good fit.  “Yes Man” agencies don’t have the experience and backbone to lay it on the line and tell clients when a idea is bad.Instead, we want to be your virtual digital marketing partner, and that means we will be 100% transparent about ideas, campaigns and results. We are happy to test any idea you have, but at the end of the day the numbers don’t lie. If we think it’s a bad idea, we will let you know before we test it.

Brand Experience
We never forget that at the end of the day we are still showing ads to people. We can mix your story and brand with our proven process to create a unified omni-channel marketing experience that will attract the right prospect to your business.We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to your ad campaign. Instead, we take our time and build out keywords, ads, landing pages, and remarketing that creates a streamlined experience that takes your product from first click to leads and clients in a logical manner.

Your Success Is Our Success.
If PPC was easy you wouldn’t need us. We see problems as opportunities and dead-ends as suggestions. This allows us to grow with our clients for the long haul. Let’s grow your business with carefully data driven marketing solutions.You have to outperform the competition to stay in business in today’s hyper-competitive environment. You can’t hire a marketing agency and hope for the best. You need a partner who is invested in your success.We treat every campaign with the same care regardless if you are a startup looking for validation or an enterprise client answering to the board of directors.

Data Driven Omni Analytics
It’s been said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, and the same can be said for Big Data.We are at an intersection of Big Data and advertising technology, and unless you know how to interpret the data you’re at a huge disadvantage.That’s where we come in.One of the first steps in onboarding a partner client is to look at existing data and start building a data model based on expected results. The numbers don’t lie and sometimes clients don’t like our answers.We harness the power of data science and machine learning across a multi-channel marketing environment to deliver world class results at any budget.At Trinity Marketing Agency we empower clients with data-driven marketing.

Our PPC Stack
These are some of the tools and technology we mix with human experience that allows our clients to get an immediate competitive advantage when they work with us.

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Google & Bing PPC 2

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Most digital agencies will accept anyone with a pulse and a credit card, but we are different. We only work with businesses when there is a clear path to growth. Remember, when we talk it’s our goal first and foremost to provide value upfront. And only if we see synergy and alignment will we invite you to become a client.