I get insider access to a lot of cool features from Google and Facebook. But this has got to be the cat’s meow.

Facebook wants to be your 1 stop for online events. Now they are getting ready to put a huge dent into online events.

Hosting Facebook live events is nothing new.

But now you can sell access to live online events and Facebook will process the payment without taking a fee.


Think about that. With Facebook Pay they are not going to charge you any fees unless it’s on an Apple device. Read the article above to see what I am talking about.

This will streamline online learning.

Before you needed to have a landing page, autoresponder, payment processor, and live streaming setup. Making all these items talk to each other and connect was a pain.

This will open doors for a lot of businesses to reach new customers. And if you are promoting it with Facebook marketing, you can track the leads and sales.

Reply and let me know how you are considering using this new feature.

Charles Kirkland

P.S. To learn how to use a Facebook live event in your business, contact me.