When it comes to converting traffic into leads and sales everybody believes that if they can just get the funnel right everything else just falls into place.

That’s like waiting to see the Tooth Fairy riding a magic unicorn over the rainbow.

I see the inside of so many businesses these days, and it’s never about the funnel.

Let me be the bad guy and tell you the cold, hard truth.

Your funnel is important but not in the way you think it is.

It’s about the mindset of the people who are behind every click and where they are in the process of becoming a buyer.

Now I’m going to prove this point with a real life example.

I was asked to review a software and see if it would be a good fit.

The call with the sales rep was set. Four minutes into the call things fell apart to the point the rep asked to end the call and asked if would I give him some advice.

Here is the problem. I didn’t go through the top of the funnel or the mid funnel.

I jumped right to the bottom and the funnel was supposed to indoctrinate me on what questions I should be asking.

He was freaked out because I was asking the really hard questions and pointing out the flaws in the product.

This was the glaring hole in the funnel. All I did was hit up a few review sites, and it didn’t take long to see that a number of people have been really unhappy.

Sales had been making some huge promises that customer support could not live up to.

Every question I asked was to lead him into defending a shortcoming in the product.

I even told him what software we currently have.

It was a nightmare for him. He kept telling me why they are better.

Here is a side note for you.

Nobody buys because you are a little bit better. You need to be 10x better with an easy on boarding process.

At the end I gave him a 30 minute consultation on why the funnel as he knows it is dead for this niche.

Funnels still work for a lot of niches. But if you are dealing with high value leads who are educated, you need to drop the funnel and focus on optimizing the buying process.

These days all any prospect has to do is Google a few things and they have as much information as the sales rep.

Gone are the days where you could control the information.

Most of the time the buyer has already done their due diligence and are deciding whether to do business with you.

That might be hard for a lot of people to accept, but that’s how it is now. You need to be able to adopt to this change or your competition will.

If you want to have me review your marketing strategy, let me know. I have a few spots left to help clients this month.