The Facebook ad interface changes faster than politicians break campaign promises.

Oddly enough, this last interface is still as bad as the last one.

I am not sure which UX designer thought light grey fonts on a white background would be cool.

David Ogilvy, Santa Claus, CIA, Facebook and Google 5

Who doesn’t want eye strain at the end of the day?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but my guess is Zuck invested in a eye care startup and is looking to jump-start sales over the next few years.

But on a different note, when it comes to creating server crushing lead gen campaigns, my first choice is Google GDN.

Google is like Santa Claus and the CIA; they know everything about you.

Once you get over the creep factor and realize that we can reach almost anyone on the web for pennies, it opens a whole new world of lead gen that would make David Ogilvy proud.

Plus, by using in-market audiences we can show ads to people who are in the research and consideration phase. It’s enough capitalism to melt the cold heart of even the Grinch.

Let that sink in.

With in-market audiences we can reach people who are most likely to convert out of the millions of potential people seeing our ads.

David Ogilvy, Santa Claus, CIA, Facebook and Google 6

I can see what my market is searching for and how much more likely they are to convert.

What would happen if we start using in-market audiences with bid adjustments?

You would be on your way to only targeting people who are ready and willing to convert into leads and clients.

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