Hey, this is Charles and no, I’m not a Colombian drug will or a counterfeiter, but I do have $2,000 here. Here is a lot of money in twenties this is what I want to talk to you about. What is your marketing budget for the day? The week, the month, the boom. You said Charles, I don’t know. We just throw some money at it.

We sponsored them. We put some logos in the back of tee shirts and you know the five k run and we send out some flyers and a look. One of the easiest ways to grow your firms. Start asking for more referrals from the people that you want more of. I don’t exhibit Charles. That’s simple. That’s easy and, and we already do that kind of stuff. Have you proactively got a direct mail campaign going after your best clients? Reminded them how much you saved them and why you’re great to work with and you would love to get a referral.

Well now, but what? We’re going to do that one day. Okay? Okay. Not a problem. Not a problem. How about this? When people come in, do you click their name and email address even for people who are your prospects?

You know, cause I am interviewing, don’t really know whatever the case may be. If you’ve got name, email, contact, phone number, which you probably should have anyway, you can take that out of your CRM.

Or if you’ve got it on the clipboard, have somebody type it in and you can go upload that into Facebook as a custom audience into Google, into Linkedin, and then you can say, hey, show me more people like this that have the same characteristics.

It’s called a lookalike audience. And guess what? Once you’ve got to look alike audience, you can then start serving the ads to these people in the platform who matched the demographics, psychographics of your best buyers.

Anyway, this Charles, hope you enjoyed it. Like it. Share it, comment.

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