This is a loaded question that’s going to create backlash.

But the answer is a definite “YES!”

Facebook likes matter for a few reasons. Let me prove it to you.

Over the weekend I went skydiving in North Carolina.

While I was gearing up I noticed a digital counter in the waiting area. It was showing almost 10K Facebook likes.

Why do Facebook likes matter?

Social proof.

Think about this…

I’m getting ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, and YES social proof matters to me.

The plane was packed with experts which was even more social proof.

Social proof needs to be leveraged in every phase of your marketing.

We live in a world where we see marketers on the same level as used car salesman.

Social proof is the fastest way to bypass resistance and get people to say yes.

So, YES, Facebook likes still matter if for no other reason than social proof.

Make sure you watch the video of me jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.


Charles Kirkland