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This is the not the post I planned on posting today. But when something this big happens I feel I have to give you the heads up ASAP.

For the past year, I’ve been saying Facebook has zero available ad inventory in the US market.

The law of supply and demand means if you want to show ads to the US market, you need deep pockets.

Costs are going up and up.

Facebook has been scrambling to find new ways to keep Wall Street fat cats happy while playing the long game.

And the last Facebook newsfeed update didn’t help.

Truthfully, it wouldn’t take much to end up like another Myspace.

SIDE NOTE: Myspace marketing is ROCKING…but that is a lesson for another day.

Facebook bet the farm that Messenger was going to be a mega-hit. And while it’s huge, it lacks widespread adoption with small businesses.

So in a mad rush, Facebook is testing out Messenger Broadcasts direct from the ads manager.

Think of these like email broadcasts but just for people who have interacted with Messenger.

This is great if you have been building up your invisible Messenger list.

But here is the problem.

Most people…and this doesn’t include you or you wouldn’t be subscribed to my marketing emails…believe that Messenger is their own private space.

Remember when ads ran in the newsfeed for the first time?

I got death threats from people who were mad because my ads were invading their newsfeed.

At least with Messenger, they would have needed to interact with you in some way on Messenger, but it could still be some backlash.

So either your Messenger broadcast will be a hit because this is a new format for seeing ads or you can get your Facebook ad account banned if the negative feedback is high.

And if your market thinks of Messenger as their private space, you can count on high negative feedback.

For me personally, I’m advising clients to dip their toe in the water and make sure you look at user feedback.

While Messenger is your own invisible list of leads, you need to provide value while you move them toward the end goal.

I think this is going to be a goldmine for ad agencies to get paid to build out bots for small businesses.

Charles Kirkland