Personalized customer engagement is the future of marketing. All it takes is one click to turn off advertisers you don’t like.  The customer has the power and marketers need to remember that.

Facebook is driving this change with a BIG Messenger update.  The new lead generation feature is huge because now you can sync Messenger with your CRM.

Getting a lead on Messenger and moving them to your CRM is huge. By using something like Hubspot, it will pull in all the publicly available data.

This takes lead scoring to new levels.  Next is the ability to have people book a time on your calendar from inside Messenger. This one is something I’m super excited about.

You need to get on a beta list so click below to sign up.

Facebook is going to start integrating this with the more common booking systems. Things like Calendly will connect to Messenger and users will not see your website.

It is a seamless process that will allow people to stay in the trusted Facebook environment while booking a time.  They are also working out the details to have this work with Fan Pages as well.

You might notice a trend here.  Facebook has been working on making sure your Fan Pages have as many features as a website.

In the end, they want to have Fan Pages replace the need for websites.  That’s the long term goal, and I think they will get close.

Facebook is working on becoming the one-stop for communications which is a different POV from Google. Google is about indexing the world’s information.  Next up, Facebook is spending up to $1 billion dollars to purchase a tech company that will allow you to control your computer using only your thoughts.

That’s why we have been really putting a lot of effort into helping our clients maximize Facebook results.  Because once you get enough data from the pixel and your ads convert, you can look forward to hockey stick growth curves.

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