Creating the ultimate Black Friday offer is simple.  

Create an offer so insanely crazy that your competitors will be wondering if you’re going out of business next week.

It’s time to be crazy like a fox and strategic like a wolf.

Step one is to create an offer that is so over-the-top visitors put your offer at the top of the list of websites and stores to visit. Make sure you drop lots of hints and let them know ahead of time about your offer.

This is not the time to make a wimpy offer with a 2% discount for the worst-selling product you have.

Take one of your best selling products and create a deep discount with free shipping.

The goal is to make sure that the order goes through and you have the ability to push 1 click upsells in the rest of the funnel. 

Break-even on the front end or lose an acceptable amount of money and absolutely kill it with profits on the backend.

I’m talking Gordon Gekko meets Jordan Belfort type of profits from upsells.
You have to get the first sale to go through and that’s why we put so much emphasis on the front end offer.

The upsell needs to be something that would be the perfect gift for the person who is buying the front end offer. People go crazy and do a lot of shopping for themselves. Make it something that’s expensive and has a massive profit margin.

If they say no, push for a down-sell or monthly payment plan.

On the thank you page make sure you’re offering discounts/affiliate links to other products that would complement the use of your products.

Amazon affiliate links are one of the easiest things to set up and everybody buys from them at some point.

Next, make sure you have a persuasive email follow up in place and drive cart abandonment emails back to the front end offer for a limited time only.

After the purchase make sure inside the receipt you’re including a special offer that’s limited for the next three days so you can capitalize on the Cyber Monday craze.

After that focus on maximizing your holiday revenue with buy one get one offers, exclusive combinations of products, or limited edition items.

The one thing that ties all this together is the front end sale.

You have the potential to make more revenue than you did in the past 3 months but it takes proper planning, marketing, and execution.

Make sure you have a limited offer, special offer, or deeply discounted offer–something that they want at a price that is insanely low.

Get an explainer video made that’s going to showcase the front end offer in the shortest time possible.

When Black Friday hits people are looking for great deals. Your explainer video can help cut through reading about the offer on mobile screens.  

The video will help make your offer easy to understand and increase conversions, often my 19% or more.

Next, I would make sure the cart abandonment emails are in place and that your one-click upsell is functioning.

Get remarketing banners made to maximize the value of each and every click.

Make sure you have your ads already loaded and approved ahead of time with Google, Facebook, and YouTube and any other traffic source you’d like to use.

Don’t forget your ads could be disapproved or they may not convert so have other ads approved and ready to split test.

I hope this inspires you to go ahead and take action and create the biggest Black Friday payday you’ve ever seen with an ROI that would make a Colombian drug lord jealous.

With that, we’re running a special set up to help you get your Black Friday offers ready to convert. 

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