Over the weekend I made a massive decision to change the direction of my business. In the past we only took clients with larger ad budgets and more complex campaigns.

By default this excluded 90% of businesses from ever working with us.

Most businesses don’t have the time or desire to learn every little nuance about running profitable ads. Yet Facebook and Google ads could make a massive impact to the bottom line.

Because of that I’m starting a brand new service based on the gig economy.

You can hire me to create your ad campaigns for Facebook, Google, Bing, and LinkedIN for a fraction of our normal fee.

When you work with me you can count on getting the same level and attention to detail I give our larger clients.

Plus, I will take care of the targeting, conversion goals, write the ads, and provide the images.

That allows you to get professionally created marketing campaigns at a fraction of the normal cost.

Click here and learn more.

P.S. I expect this offer to sell out fast. So if you want to have me build your ads, don’t wait. Click here and let me get started helping grow your business.