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Tip 1 To create a successful social media campaign you must have a complete buyer profile before you get started.

This is the most important thing…I can’t even stress this enough.

You can get the other aspects wrong and if this is right the campaign can still work. But unfortunately it doesn’t work the other way around.

Get this wrong and nothing else will work.

With the right buyer profile you only target prospects who are in the buying mode, so you stop wasting 89% of your ad spend on tire kickers.

The fastest way to create a buyer profile is to use Just Media Kits. http://justmediakits.com/ Media kits are created by publishers to highlight the most important demographics of their audiences.

Think how targeted you could get with this level of detail.

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Income
  • Average Net Worth
  • Average Household Income
  • Education Level
  • Rent vs Own
  • Married vs Single

How To Create A B2C Buyer Profile 7 Here is one example of how the bids and CPA for different ages varies. Do you want to pay $1.81 per lead or $5.34?

This screen shot is from the exact same ad. The only difference is the age band.

Now compound that with the other information we gathered about your perfect buyer.

Most marketers stop at Age & Sex.

The smartest marketers drill down deeper to create a buyer profile that targets the exact buyer.

Doing this will cut your ad cost by 90% or more.

You are only spending money to have your ad seen by the right audience.

Tip 2

Creating attention grabbing, high converting headlines that target your best buyers is an art.

This is what separates the beginners from the pros.

Beginners always focus on getting the most clicks.

While clicks are great, you can’t pay your bills with clicks.

Regardless of whether you are paying on a cost per click or a CPM basis, the last thing you want is unqualified clicks.

And if you are in a hyper-competitive niche, you must make sure every click counts.

You have to word your ads in such a way to repel the wrong person from even clicking on your ads in the first place.

Look at this ad.

It’s very general and that would appeal to anyone with an online business.

Prospects clicking this ad vary greatly in quality.

How To Create A B2C Buyer Profile 8

Now contrast it against this ad.

How To Create A B2C Buyer Profile 9

This ad asks a qualifying question in the first sentence.

If you already having success with ads, you aren’t going to click it.

Use your ads to discourage people who are not right for your offer.

It’s about getting ROI, not clicks.

Tip 3

Don’t start lumping every interest that Facebook gives you together thinking they will work.

Every interest has as different intent. Look at this example.

InfusionSoft is a $300 per month software, and it is used by more advanced businesses.

AWeber offers a 30 day free trial, and the barrier to entry is small.

While both of these are marketing software products they have very different intents.

Which one would you target for high end business coaching clients?

I hope your answer is InfusionSoft.  

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