Print this email and take action…it’s that important.

What I’m about to share with you will unlock business breakthroughs that are hard for most entrepreneurs to even imagine.

Entrepreneurs tend to think in terms of linear growth, but the most successful businesses on the planet have exponential growth.

I know that’s a huge promise, and this short email will deliver on it.

Look at your competitors and tell me what you’re doing different.

You are probably doing exactly what your competition does.

It’s a game of follow the leader.

Copying what they are doing gets you a fraction of the results they have.

Here’s the problem:

You’ve gone into the niche modeling what the market leader does.

You are operating within the constraints of that niche that were created by the market leader.

You are playing by somebody else’s rules.

Everything you are doing is colored by that fact.

The market leader has the majority of the business and everybody else is left fighting for scraps.

The only way to break this mindset is to come from a different niche and have a completely different perspective about the problem your customer has.

You have to be passionate about solving the problem.

Let’s take Airbnb for example.

What does it cost to add 1,000 rooms of inventory worldwide? Virtually nothing.

What does it take for Holiday Inn, Hilton, Marriott, or Super 8 to add 1,000 new rooms in any given city?

The number will be staggering.

Airbnb has a radically different business model versus traditional hotels, but the end result is the same for the customer.

The end buyer doesn’t care about you, just that they get the result. If Airbnb started with the idea of owning real estate and building hotels, they would have never got of the ground.

Airbnb is playing by rules they created.

Look at the fastest growing businesses. They all disrupted the market and redefined how business is executed in their niche.

UBER did the same thing and in the process completely turned the taxi business upside down.

But how do YOU accomplish this?

The first step is to look at the problem your customer has and understand
why they want to solve it.

Next, try to solve the problem, but start with zero constraints in the process.

Unfortunately, you’re conditioned through years of experience to come up with the exact same thing your competition has been doing.

That leads to getting the same results you currently have.

To break free of this paradigm you have to immerse yourself in other industries and learn what’s working for them.

Otherwise you’re going to keep competing with the same rules that the dominant player has defined for your industry.

I hope you see that the problem isn’t necessarily a traffic problem; it’s an innovation problem.

It’s a problem of mental constraints that you’ve created that define how you’re currently able to do business and what’s acceptable.

My Christmas gift to you is this challenge: reverse engineer your business and see what it would take to completely disrupt your business and put you out of business.

Once you figure that out, go take action. Because if you don’t, I guarantee you your competition will. And once that happens you’re playing a losing game.

This is the type of thinking I bring to my clients.

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