That has the to be the longest subject line I have ever sent.

But what does name dropping ad networks have to do with a hill of beans?

Simple, all of these will provide you with crazy, server-melting traffic if you know how to do one thing.

Can you write ads that convert someone who is “just looking” into a clicker? That is the problem.

You need to think of the person on the other side of the screen reading your ad.

What can you do to reach through the screen and hit them with a lightning bolt of inspiration that makes them want to click your ad?

How can you shock the most zombie-like searchers into hot prospects who are ready to buy?

Here is a million dollar tip.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Bing and Adroll
Perform a search on Google and Bing for your main keyword.
Next print the screen from the searches.

Write your ads in Google doc or Word and print them out. Make sure you size your fonts to match the printed font size.

Cut your ad out and place it in the #1 spot and then ask this question:

If I was half asleep and scanned the search results, would the ads stand out like the A-Team van at a Prius convention? Or is it just another “me too” trying to scream louder?

Keep writing and printing out ads until it stands out and makes the other ads blend in.

That is the one secret to making all these ad networks work like gangbusters.

It’s not the targeting, bid strategy, day parting or anything else. Because if you don’t have ads that demand your prospects attention, nothing else is going to work.

Now stop what you are working on and take action on what I just shared. You will be surprised how much your click through rate skyrockets.

Charles Kirkland