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Discover A New Way To Fill Your Pipeline With As Many Leads, Sales and Clients As You Can Handle
Dear Entrepreneur,

I want to personally congratulate you on taking action and downloading this groundbreaking report and training that will put you light years ahead of the competition.

What sets this apart is it’s based on direct response digital marketing. Direct response marketing has outperformed all other forms of advertising in the last 100 years.

Because I am so confident that direct response digital marketing can grow your business, I’m going to put up $500 in my time to prove it.

I’m Charles Kirkland and I use direct response digital marketing to help clients turn $1 into $3 consistently and repeatedly. I’m sure you agree that's a deal you would take every day.

Here’s how it works.

First, we’ll review your business, spy on your competitors, and analyze your target market, sales processes and goals with you.

Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll develop a custom digital marketing plan specifically for you …FREE!
Step 1: Finding Your Highest Value Client
Most businesses take a shotgun approach to marketing and sales and in the process alienate their highest value clients.

But by using digital marketing we can custom tailor your message to be seen by your highest value clients. 

These are the buyers who will spend more, close faster, and become the most profitable segment of your business. When you fill your calendar with these high quality buyers, your sales numbers will reflect it.
Step 2: Competitor Breakdown
Together we will uncover what your competitors are doing online. 

With our proprietary software we can uncover their entire digital marketing strategy.

Find out where their ads have been running, where their ads are seen, and even what landing pages they are sending traffic to.

We find their weak points and craft a plan that will leave them blindsided when your business leaves them in the dust
There are a variety of digital marketing strategies for growing your business, but the problem is determining which one works best for you.

Every day there seems to be a brand new hack, tip, or strategy promising massive rewards for very little work.
It is truly overwhelming.

Here is the problem. Unless you follow a custom-tailored plan, you end up wasting money with nothing to show for it.

Because we have worked with so many businesses, we have narrowed down the 5 things that turn struggling and average businesses into market leaders.

Following our proprietary M5 process we can diagnose your business and show you what needs to happen to become the market leader.
Once we implement the M5 process in your business, you see dramatic results from digital marketing.
  • Up to a 5X increase in leads and calls over 90 days.
  • Higher quality leads who are not looking for the lowest price.
  • Leads who close faster and can spend more for your services.
  • ​Confidence knowing that your sales pipeline has a predictable and consistent flow of higher quality leads.
We’ll create a strategic plan to dramatically improve your market results, increase lead flow and play to your unique strengths. You will be getting a complete, customized breakdown of a step-by-step process to drive your business forward.

Step 3: Lead Generation Audit
Getting a fresh supply of hungry leads is the backbone of every high growth business. But will they convert when we send them to your site?

That’s why we use a 17 step process to review your site to make sure it is ready to handle all the leads we are going to send to it.

Together we conduct a lead generation audit on your site and determine if there are design flaws that are costing you money.
Step 4: Market To Message
If I asked your top competitors why I should hire them, all of them would probably say the same thing.

When your clients hear this, they don’t see the value in one business over another. This leads them to just pick someone based on price or some other random factor.

Most businesses say the exact same thing as their competition and wonder why they don’t stand out.

In order to make your clients ready to crawl over broken glass, you need a marketing message that cuts through the noise.
Step 5: Marketing Domination Blueprint
We will create a growth strategy that will allow you to rapidly increase your online traffic, leads and clients and make you a market leader.

We will create a customized game plan that is designed specifically for your business and growth goals.

What's Working Now
When it comes to traffic generation and staying on the cusp of the things that work with media buying, Facebook, and PPC, Charles Kirkland is the guy I go to and trust the most.
Todd Brown - Marketing Funnel Automation
IMPORTANT: We’re giving away over $500 worth of our resources and time for this session… so to be 100% transparent, it’s not for everyone.

To qualify for the Growth Strategy Consultation you must meet at least 1 of these requirements:
  • Business owners who want to increase revenue and generate stronger cash flow with better quality leads.
  • Business owners who want to accelerate their growth, increase marketing share and growth, and dominate their market.
  • Business owners who want to consistently and predictably grow their bottom line with high quality leads that turn into clients.
  • ​Business owners who want to better manage their lead flow for their sales team.
If you are a business owner who is serious about success and are willing to invest in growing your business, then here’s what to do next:

First, click the button below and complete the short, simple application.

This will allow us to understand your unique situation better so we can tailor your growth plan.

After you apply below you’ll get the next steps to secure your spot.

Click the button below and schedule your call now!
Charles Kirkland 

P.S. We only have a limited number of opportunities available. Book a time before your competition beats you to it.

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