I am so MAD about being right.

Last year I made a prediction that marketers should expect a new digital services tax in 2020.

Some people thought I was crazy!

But the smartest marketers know I have a track record of being right time and time again.

And this prediction was spot on and confirmed yesterday.

Google dropped a bombshell. It would start charging a new digital services tax.

But only for a few countries.

Every country is demanding a cut of your marketing budget.

Struggling states like NY and CA are looking at this as a cash cow.

Politicians have been busy cutting backroom deals with Google and Facebook.

Want to have your ads shown in NY and CA? Then get ready for a 5% tax added to your normal CPC/CPM.

This is one of those watershed moments that will snowball.

When they need more money, raise the digital service tax.

Part of the pitch will be how it will not impact the average citizen.

Instead, big businesses like Amazon will be paying for it.

But the ugly truth is anyone using Google or Facebook ads will be paying for this new tax.

My best advice is to start now and build your list fast before everybody starts reaching into your pocket and increasing your CPC.

Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland