If you want your phone to ring more often, you must stop focusing on getting Likes and shift your focus to getting Leads.

What’s the difference between a Like and a Lead?

Like: A Like is someone who may be considering your firm in the distant future.

Lead: A Lead is someone who is at an advanced stage of the acquisition process. He needs your firm’s services immediately.

How Much Money Has Your Business Burned?

Imagine the funds your business has wasted on targeting Likes.

You have done nothing more than built a bonfire out of your funds.

There is no telling how much money went up in smoke.

Every year, businesses shell out exorbitant cash on social media acquisition campaigns that do nothing but set fire to your account with little to nothing to show for it.

Money Burner #2: Falling For The Search Engine Optimization Myth?

How many times have you been taken by charlatans who have sold you on SEO services?

They promised to get you to the #1 spot on Google, yet weeks and months go by, and your website is still buried somewhere in the digital graveyard.

Why did this happen to you?

SEO Charlatans Guaranteed You Results They Cannot Control?

These “experts” have no more control over Google than they would an actual 800-pound gorilla.

Google knows all the dirty little tricks of SEO charlatans who try to manipulate search results.

Mr. SEO Charlatan doesn’t stand a chance against the brilliance of Google’s slew of Harvard and MIT grads.

What We Do?

We provide end-to-end lead generation services using Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Yahoo Ads, E-Mail, Referral Systems, and trade secrets.

We target potential clients who are at the advanced stages of the lead acquisition process.

When a new business uses our services for the first time, this is often the biggest revelation to them because they are now experiencing the difference forthwith.

This means more clients.

Who We Are?

Trinity Marketing was founded by Charles Kirkland.

Charles has grown 9 businesses since 1999 and, in 2002, was one of the first to use the Google advertising platform.

We are a small organization who serves only hand-selected clients whom we know we can help get more clients.

Our Qualifications?

Google Certified

Bing Certified

Our Unique Philosophy?

We feel strongly that lead acquisition campaigns should only target real leads who become new clients now.

We believe businesses should not waste their resources on leads who are at the beginning stages of the lead acquisition process, such as with social media Likes.

We believe businesses should not waste their resources on search engine optimization services that almost never deliver the guaranteed promised result.

This philosophy is the engine that powers our methodologies across our association.

This way of thought is unique to the Trinity Marketing and, as your firm will quickly find out, makes all the difference between burning your funds and your phone ringing with new clients as if by magic.