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Charles: Hey, hey, hey. This is Charles. You made it back to another exciting episode. Today we’re going to be talking about the … I’m just gonna call it the overwhelming plethora of digital marketing tools and we can very easily get sidetracked by what we call BSOs, bright shiny objects. Now, at the end of the day, your job is to basically provide a service to somebody. You either, you know, you fix their recovery backup systems, you make sure they don’t blow up, you keep the computers running, and generally you’re performing a service. Because of that, it becomes very, very easy to get distracted by emails of the latest, greatest whatever, but this is the deal. You have to understand, a lot of the tools that are created in digital marketing all have a different subset and a different purpose. I mean, it really wouldn’t make sense for me to take a hammer to drive a decking screw. Yeah, maybe it would work, but boy it’s gonna be a lot harder than it needs to be. What I’m saying is, you really need to look at tools that are created for service businesses who are involved in digital marketing to sell, in this case, a service.

And that’s a very, very, very big distinction. A lot of the tools are really kind of [inaudible 00:01:12] much, thinking well everything, every transaction from the … They first find me, to they opt in, to they click, to they buy, they checkout, they upsell. A lot of these tools are designed for the entire transaction to be digital, and the entire transaction to be a one-and-done scenario. So, if you’ve got recurring income like MMR, I don’t know, it would probably not behoove you to use a lot of these tools. That’s kind of my big stressing point here. Make sure you’re dealing with A, technology that is designed for service based firms. That’s gonna be the big difference. I see so many clients, I’m like, “You don’t need to use this tool. This is a digital marketing tool for someone who’s selling everything completely digital.” So keep that in mind, hope you enjoyed. With that said, love to have your comment, love to have your feedback and tell me what kind of tools you’re using. And do they really fit what you’re trying to do? This is Charles, have a good one. Talk to you later.