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Take Your Sales And Growth To New Heights With A Custom Landing Page.

When a prospect lands on your page you have 7 seconds or less to grab their attention.

Poorly written or styled landing pages will scare away your highest value clients. Plus, all your ad spend is wasted.

Your landing page copy has only 1 job — to make your prospect take action for the next step.

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Product Description

With A Custom Landing Page, You Will Create More Opt-ins And Higher Conversions.

Google and Facebook reward advertisers with high converting landing pages with cheaper clicks and more traffic.

When someone clicks your ad and bounces from your landing page it tells Google and Facebook your content is lower quality, and they start showing your ad less and less while charging you more.

That’s why I recommend that every advertiser has custom landing page copy and design that are themed for your keyword and interest targets.

When we work together in building your high converting landing page we take a deep dive into what your value proposition is and the mindset of the person who clicked the ad.

We build high converting landing pages that look good, load fast and build your business.

Once you order we will book a call with you to discuss your landing page objectives. We will then go to work to build a winning page.

The landing page can be up to 650 words. If you need multiple landing pages, grab one of our service upgrades.

Turnaround time is 3-5 business days.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
It’s our goal to exceed your expectations and help you grow your business. We want to be your virtual marketing partner. This means if you’re not 100% happy with the ads, we will fix it. Contact us within 7 days of delivery and we will fix it for free. See the guarantee details.

What if my ad is not approved?
If your ads are not approved by Facebook, we will rewrite the page to get it approved.

Do you have samples?
To protect client privacy we only show ads we have created for our own business. We never share any client work. Click Here

How long does the entire process take?
Once you order we will fill out an intake form. You can expect to have a finished product back in 3-5 business days.

What if I need multiple ads?
If you need us to build out multiple ads for you, it’s not a problem. Just indicate the number you need or we can cover that on our kickoff call.

Who can you make ads for?
As long as your business meets the Facebook guidelines for advertising, we can work with you.

What if I’m not happy with the work?
You get to review and give us feedback on the ad copy and images before the project is finalized. Remember, our job is to create high converting ads to create leads, clients and profits for your business. You are hiring us for our expertise and end results.

Why are you less expensive and faster than other marketing agencies?
We eliminate the back and forth meetings, endless phone calls and just focus on delivering the end result — a high converting ad for your business.

Can you also manage the ads with daily optimization, split testing and new creatives?
Yes. Click here to check out our full management services.


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