Did you meet your 2018 revenue goals?

Was this another year where you worked non stop while producing very little results?

Are you jumping on the latest marketing fad hoping it’s the silver bullet to move the needle in your business?

Are you spending way too much precious time planning vs executing? And when you do get something done the results are lackluster?

Do you feel the competition is gaining market share while you are struggling to hold your ground?

Do you feel guilty when you’re not working and the little time you do spend with your family you’re distracted?

Do you find yourself taking out your business struggles on your family and friends?

Are you wondering if maybe it’s time to cut your losses and give up?

Are you running around like a Chihuahua on crack multi-tasking yourself to death?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, it’s OK.

Every day is a brand new opportunity to turn things around.

But here is the problem.

Action doesn’t equal results. You probably work harder than most people you know.

But you don’t seem to have the results you know you’re capable of producing.

It’s your lack of a Marketing and Growth Plan that’s sabotaging everything.

Every entrepreneur and business is different.

You can’t just throw a bunch of random tactics and strategies together and expect them to work.

They might create some results, but they aren’t repeatable.

Without a Marketing and Growth Plan you can expect to work harder in 2019 while getting less results.

I’m here to help a few entrepreneurs create light-speed growth for 2019 with a Marketing and Growth Plan that produces insane results.

Together we will create a personalized Marketing and Growth Plan so you’ll have clarity and direction on what to do and when to do it.

I have booked out time to work with 5 new clients to help them create a Marketing and Growth Plan to allow them to dominate their niche in 2019.

These spots will go fast. If you are on the fence, think about this.

If the cost of planning is expensive, what’s the cost of business failure?

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Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland

P.S. Business growth doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a proven Marketing and Growth Plan designed for your business to make it happen.

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