Something has really bothered me as of late and it is that most folks are not aware of some basic laws in marketing and sales.

There we go again, saying the dirty word… Sales.

Hey, if that is really the way you think about it, 8/4 then maybe this profession is not for you.

I mean nothing happens at all whether you are in manufacturing, service or internet services until a sale is made in some form or fashion.

I have already discussed with you how folks will purchase from those folks they know, like and trust, however what is the secret formula for that to happen.

OK, I will go into this a bit deeper, however there are two very basic strategies you need to discover and use with your marketing plan.

First — Scarcity. This is a common emotion that can be used extremely well if done properly. One thing I want to add before I go ahead and tell you how it works.

Under no circumstances are you to fake scarcity! If you say there are only 499 copies left, then cut off the promotion when number 499 is sold — or close enough to that number. You will have made a bunch of money.

In that manner, don’t get greedy, if something is selling well and you have promised to cut it off at 499, don’t keep selling the product just to make a buck.

I am sure we have all seen the basic sales page that advertises there is only 500 copies… 315 no only 264 left as of this writing.

If that is the case, you as the promoter owe your paying customers, that honesty and integrity with ending the promo when you have hit your numbers.

Secondly — Reciprocity. What this means is when you offer something of value to a potential client or customer and don’t charge for it… no strings attached.

Think of it this way, have you ever gotten a letter from a charity and there was a $1 or $5 bill inside of the envelope as a gift.

How did that make you feel?

Well, there were probably 2 emotions that popped up. Glad that you got a $1 or $5 bill, but at the same time a bit of guilt came over you.

You probably deep down inside thought, this charity can not afford to send me money, I should be sending them money to feed the starving children of Antarctica… or some other place.

You think some more after you read the letter and see the pictures of the poor starving kids or abused animals or homeless people in your city, and decide to send a check to the charity for $50 or $100 or even $10.

Charities really understand this concept and it can be quite effective in dealing with any of you customers or clients.

You want to be careful, you do not want to abuse this system, if the prospect or customer thinks that they are being manipulated, it can backfire on you big time.

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