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Charles K.:  Hey, hey, hey, this is Charles. Welcome back, you’ve made it to another exciting podcast. We like to keep these concise, under two minutes, so let’s skip the fluff and get to the meat here.

Can you use Facebook to grow your business? Get that question all the time. The answer is, if you do it strategically, it works wonders, if you do it like most people do it, you’re gonna really find it just to be a massive money pit.

The only way to really make Facebook work is you absolutely have to understand who is the buyer, who is the decision-maker, and what is the message they need to see?

Now, let’s start with who is my decision-maker, who will my buyer be? We have the ability to target people based on certain things, like maybe they’re the CTO of a technology company and they’re located in certain geographical regions. We can certainly do that. We can narrow that down.

But the question we have to ask our-self is, even if we can connect with them, the next question is, what do they want to see? We have to remember that we are in a social environment.

A lot of businesses don’t allow you to go Facebook during working hours, so if they visit during the day, they’re going to be on a mobile device. That’s fine.

But the question that we really need to get to is what do they need to see, how do they need to see, and what do they need to believe to really, take the next step?

So let’s just say that we’re talking disaster recovery, and could be the question is, because if a disaster happens, could you recover anything?

How long would you be done? Things of that nature.

We really need to give people something that is going to be a motivator and there’s two things that we can do: we can motivate by saying, here’s pleasure. And we can motivate by saying pain.

I’ve done both types of marketing for a gazillion years it feels like, since 1999, and I will tell you hands down, the pain motivators, the pain marketing will get you way more customers, engagement, clicks, it will get you way more business than the pleasure marketing.

We’re gonna talk about what are the seven dangers of having your backup recovery system fail? Whatever the case may be, we can offer them a whitepaper. We can offer them a consultation. We can offer them an article which we showcase our expertise and then, that leads to the next step in your funnel.

So, Facebook works when you do it correctly. Facebook needs to have a pain-motivated ad. It needs to be able to target the right person at the right time in the right geographical location.

With that said, keep that in mind. I’d love to hear how you’re using Facebook. And if you love the podcast, like it, share it, and let me know. This is Charles Kirkland, have a great day and talk to you tomorrow.