Right now as you’re reading this page you have 2 options.

Ignore what I’m telling you and continue to blindly spend money on ineffective marketing and hope that something works while your competition is gaining market share every day until you’re left with a busienss that is barely hanging on.

Or you can embrace a new way to get as many leads and clients, as you can handle.

See, every day your perfect clients are desperately searching Google and Bing for help to solve their problems.

The question is will they click your site or another site?

You have to get in front of prospects when they’re actively searching for a service like yours on Google and Bing.

Plus, unlike Facebook and other types of brand marketing, you only pay for results, like when someone calls your business or clicks to your website.

Before you buy another Yellow Pages, print, billboard, radio, or TV ad ask your sales reps if they believe in their services enough to only pay for results. Don’t hold your breath on that.

Put Your Digital Direct Response Ads In Front Of People Who Are Searching For Your Service The Moment They Look.

Google and Bing are search engines that help people solve problems – like people who are looking for services just like yours.

Gone are the days when you could count on referrals, word of mouth, networking events and brand advertising to generate business.

Now people just grab a smartphone and ask Google and Bing where they can find a service like yours.

That’s why direct response ads are so powerful because people who are searching are looking to solve their problem now.

That means they call, schedule an appointment, visit your website or buy right on the spot.

Because we are always on the go, you must have your ads appear on mobile and desktop when a prospective lead is searching or else your competition will and they’ll get the customer.

Focus On Results And Leave The Brand Advertising To Your Competition

Get the results that count at a price you can afford.

You only pay when prospective leads click to visit your website. You can control which “keywords” your ads show up on. This allows you to focus on people who are ready to take action now vs people just researching.

With Google and Bing ads we ramp up incoming calls with a click-to-call button. This click-to-call button eliminates the need to type in your phone number.

All your prospect has to do is click a button on their smartphone to dial your number so there is no fumbling around trying to remember your number.

Google and Bing ads are a great way to get people in the front door with clients who need your services right now.

Set A Budget That Works For Your Business

Google and Bing ads are direct response ads that allow you to target your best prospects while only paying for results. You pay for a call or click, not for how many times your ads are seen.

This allows the ads to work for almost any advertising budget. We can set a monthly budget and you can sleep safe knowing you will never go over it.

And if you change your mind, you can pause or ramp up your ad spend based on results at any time.

If you are going on vacation and need less leads, you can pause the ads. If you just hired a new sales rep, you can increase the ad spend.

You are in total control of your ad budget and results.

We Use Direct-Response Advertising To Turn $1 Into $3, $10, Or Even $50 or More!

Let’s work together to build direct response marketing ads that will attract your perfect clients using Google and Bing Ads.

“There are few problems sales can’t fix for most businesses.”

Why We Are Different

There is no shortage of marketing agencies who promise you anything under the sun.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  ○  Crazy setup fees they will conveniently wave if you sign up today.

  ○  Long term contracts that lock you into paying no matter the results.

  ○  Charging an upfront fee and then a % of ad spend. The more of your money they spend the more they make.

  ○  When you ask about ROI and results they change the subject and side track the conversation to what you should expect next month.

  ○  Vague time frames on when your ads might be live and when you might expect results.

  ○  No ability to tell you what’s working and why you should just keep spending money.

  ○  Reports full of vanity metrics about all the people seeing your ads. Nobody cares about likes, views, shares or comments.

At the end of the day it’s about did they turn $1 into $3 or more and can they prove it?

“Talk is cheap and everybody has a silver bullet to solve your problem.The truth is there is no silver bullet that’s going to fix that.No, we are going to have to use a lot of lead bullets.

Ben Horowitz- The Hard Thing About Hard Things

How Can We Do This In 7 Day And Other Marketing Companies Take 30 Days?

We take a different approach to business. Time is money and you can’t afford to waste either.

It doesn’t benefit you to have projects drawn out with endless emails, phone calls, and meetings. That only benefits the marketing agency dragging out the project to justify their fees.

Because of that we knock out the majority of the work ahead of time, so that we can utilize our time to get feedback, make changes in real time, and get your ads up and running generating leads.

We only work with service and technology businesses and know this space better than anybody else.

There’s zero learning curve when we work together because we know your business model.

“You don’t go to your family doctor for heart surgery. Then why would you trust your marketing, sales and growth to a one-size-fits-all agency who will work with anybody with a pulse?”

Charles Kirkland

Step 1 – Start With A Growth Deep Dive

First, you have to identify who the perfect client is and who it isn’t. The last thing you want to do is fill your pipeline with tire kickers and plate lickers.

There’s no shortage of people looking for your service, but to get the maximum ROI you need to focus on the perfect clients.

The perfect clients don’t haggle on price, don’t miss appointments, pay on time and are looking forward to working with you.

Winning in business is about getting the highest quality clients while repelling the wrong ones. Let’s send them to your competition, and let them put your competition out of business.

Identifying your perfect client is the first step to a local market takeover. On your call with we will identify who your best clients are and what needs to be done to get more of them using Google & Bing Ads.


Step 2 – Finding Your Competitive Advantage With The T3 Competitive Analysis

Next, we will take you through the T3 Competitive Analysis to find out what makes your business unique and gives you a real advantage that puts you head and shoulders above your competition.

Once you discover what your perfect prospects want, let’s give it to them.

This 40-45 minutes phone interview with you will allow us to create Google and Bing ads that separate you from the noise of your competition.

Step 3 – Growth Jumpstart

After the T3 Competitive Analysis, we will create custom ads that play to your unique advantage.

We will set up your Google and Bing search ads to drive quality traffic to your site.

This will put your business in front of your customers and ready-to-buy prospects.

We do all the work including creating custom ads and campaigns and send them to you for final review. It’s your business and you are in control of what the ads say.

At this point, we can do a virtual screen share and review the ads together. Once you approve the ads they go live that same day.

Plus, we set up Google and Bing conversion tracking so every single penny you invest can be tracked to real results.

This way you never have to guess what’s working and you can see the results anytime.  

In other words, we generate leads to your business so you can convert them into sales.

Not sure if a Growth Jumpstart is right for you? Schedule a quick call with Charles here to find out.

The Growth Jumpstart Is Only For Frims Who Need To Generate Clients Now And Don’t Have Months To Waste Before They Start Getting New Clients.

Why Are We So Fast?

How can we do this in 1 day and other marketing companies take 30 days?

Our founder Charles Kirkland is an award winning marketer with over 19 years of digital marketing experience growing businesses.

He can knock out the majority of the work ahead of time, so that he can utilize your time to get feedback, make changes in real time, and get your ads up and running generating leads.

We are able to accelerate the process from interview to lead generation down to 1 day start-to-finish with only 2 calls at 45 minutes each.

The rest is handled via email.

We get everything done in only 1 day because nobody has time to waste.

Every day you’re not using Google and Bing is a day your competition is getting your business.

Because we only work with service and technology businesses we know this space better than anybody else.

Not sure if a Growth Jumpstart is right for you?

Schedule a quick call with Charles here to find out.