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What I’m about to tell you will fly in the face of a number of myths about PPC.

But it needs to be said.

If you really want to succeed with PPC you need to forget about all the Bright Shiny Objects (BSO’s) and focus on the variables you can control.

You have to focus on bidding, ad copy, targeting and landing pages.

These are the 4 things you have 100% control over.

For the love of the free world please stop adjusting your bid’s like it’s a broken thermostat.

Bid high and get the traffic.

I cringe every time I hear about some $17 course that promises all the cheap traffic you can get regardless of the niche.

I hate to burst your bubble but Google, Facebook, and Bing have more PHD’s than NASA and some kid working at Starbucks and living in his mom’s basement isn’t going to outsmart them.

By bidding high you raise your quality score and you don’t have to waste a lot of money trying to figure out if the keyword is going to work or not.

If it’s a dud, move on the next one. Don’t fall in love with your keywords. Winning the bidding game is about hardcore stats. Leave emotions for your ad copy.

Figure out fast if it’s going to work instead of bidding low while your campaign limps along on life support for weeks while you debate about it.

Novices often brag about how little they can spend while pros brag about ROI and the number of daily leads and sales.

If you’re bidding high and still not getting clicks, you need to look at your ad.

Is your ad copy congruent with the keyword?

Google “Omaha Steaks overnight delivery.” Regardless of how much you are bidding, I don’t think anybody is going to click on the ad for “vegan & gluten-free steaks.”

Your ad copy has only one job…to get the click.

That’s it.

Stop writing watered-down politically correct ads.

The job of your ads is to stand out like the A-Team van at a Toyota Prius convention.

Make your ad scream with emotion.

This isn’t Dragnet; don’t give them just the facts.

Could you imagine if George Lucas told the story of Star Wars as facts?

It would read like the Encyclopedia Britannica, or like most webinars.

100% boring.

Give your ad copy some life; make it strike a raw nerve with your prospects.

Your job is to focus on what you can control and hedge your bets with what you can’t control.

That is about it for now. I am getting ready to roll out a new ad campaign, and I’m going over my PPC checklist.

If you want us to help grow your business with PPC, reply and let’s talk.