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Charles: Hey, hey, this is Charles. Welcome back to your favorite podcast about MSP and IT business growth. Now, today we’re gonna be talking about the F word in sales. We’re gonna be talking about funnels. You say, “Well, I thought the F word was bad.” The problem we have with funnels is the same way that we have like a neo-grammar Nazis running around, you forgot to put the period at the end of the sentence and you don’t have so much space between the next word or whatever the case may be. Unfortunately, we have the same thing. The problem is most of the people preaching this and screaming this and trying to indoctrinate you into their world is they’re used to a world where everything is digital.

They’re behind their monitor. They don’t interact with people. They don’t talk to people. They don’t want to talk to people and if the phone rings they’re gonna ignore it. When you’re in the IT/MSP world the phone rings, you better pick it up. The phone rings and email ding it means you’ve got dollars. You’ve got leads. You’ve got something, you’ve got action. So one of the things we need to keep in mind is a lot of the people that are talking funnels are purely digital. Because of that if you copy that that’s like pretty much saying, “I’m going to alienate 80% of my market.”

We have to basically meet people face to face. Shake hands. I know. We have to be willing to get on the phone with people. We have to be willing to have real conversations, visit people, things of that nature. Don’t fall into the victim of all I need to do is digital stuff. The reality of it is it takes digital, it takes online, and it takes offline combined. If your funnel is, let’s start with a direct mail package to somebody, a phone call to somebody, emails to somebody.

Follow it up with remarketing and Google and Facebook and other perfect audience of these other places. That’s okay. That’s perfectly fine. That’s the best way to have it. Don’t just fall into the mindset everything needs to be digital. Digital is just one component in your marketing toolbox. Anyway, this is Charles. Hope you enjoy it. Make sure you head over to Trinitymarketing.com. I would tell you what free PDF download we’ve got today but I guarantee you we’re constantly changing it, tweaking it. With that said, head over, get the PDF. This is Charles Kirkland. Have a good one.