I get questions every day about helping businesses turn digital marketing into growth.

The problem is people are asking the wrong questions. 

If you want to succeed with paid media, it comes down to a few simple things that are very hard to pull off.

1. You need to think like an investor and get out of this marketing mindset. Investors look at the long term and know that not everything is going to work today.

That means tracking and measuring everything and making decisions based on the data. 

Billion-dollar businesses exist because they can utilize data to make intelligent decisions.

2. You need to understand that digital marketing is like playing in the Olympics of business. You are going head to head with the best marketers on the planet.

Because the operating environment is so dynamic, your marketing needs to adjust in real time to keep you on the right track.

3. Be committed and ready to fight.

When you move into a market don’t expect the competition to just lay down and give you their customers. 

You will need to be ready to fight for every single sale. And regardless of what you hear, it’s always 10x more expensive to acquire a buyer than you expect or budget. 

When you invest in doing whatever it takes and have the mindset, you will see success.

What has been your biggest challenge in scaling your business?

Reply and let me know.


Charles Kirkland