Yesterday someone sent me a Facebook message complaining that my marketing was too aggressive.

That I was everywhere on the internet from Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and countless other sites.

She is seeing my face more than her husband’s.

My reply is, “why would you hire a timid marketing company who doesn’t even use what they are selling?”

If a marketing company is too timid to market their own services, why do you think they would be any better at marketing your business?

Needless to say, that changed the conversation.

She is 100% right about being everywhere in front of the right prospects.

Unless you can buy advertising and convert that into leads, clients and profits, you are not in control of your business.

I know this is easy to say when you have a working funnel, but advertising is the key to building wealth as a business owner.

Here is where the problem starts.

Most businesses don’t have the assets in place to convert advertising into clients.

They think they do.

Because they convert referrals into clients and they have a false sense about making this process work with cold traffic.

A website is not enough these days; you need a funnel or an automated, measurable system in place to optimize results.

After reviewing the clients who get the biggest results and stay with us for years, they all have one thing in common: I built the funnel 100% and I am in charge of optimizing it.

The clients who churn faster than butter never have any more than a basic optin form or a simple quiz/survey.

That’s just not enough in today’s hyper-competitive market. It might have worked in late 2018 but not now.

Posting on social media or sending out random emails doesn’t count.

You have to drive people through a system so they can see the value you bring to the table.

Otherwise, they are just getting random information.

This week we implemented a few new requirements that must be met before we will start working with any new clients.

A. They need to have a proven system in place that we can optimize together.


B. We have to create a client roadmap and then build out our proven M5 funnel for each stage of the client journey. And we are in control of optimizing it.

Once the road map is in place it will show us what happens at each stage of the buying journey.

The buyer journey and what they need to believe to become a client will determine what assets are needed.

This means emails, sales copy, marketing automation, conversion rate optimization, VSL, webinars, landing page and the whole 9 yards for the funnel.

I know this goes against the grain since most marketing agencies will work with anyone with a pulse and valid form of payment.

That’s the only way we can guarantee results for clients.

Right now I have the capacity to onboard 1 new client.

Click the link below let me know if you want to win in today’s hyper competitive market against bigger and better funded competition. Together we will create a road map and start turning advertising into predictable growth for your business.