The traffic is not working

One of the biggest problems advertisers face is what to do when paid ads don’t work.

That’s something that happens in every campaign and your ability to diagnose and fix it is critical to your success.

Before we dive into today’s email, I need to be totally honest with you.

Paid ads will only amplify your content. If your landing and sales pages don’t convert, no amount of traffic will fix it.

That is a conversion problem, and most product owners don’t know their own conversion with organic traffic.

Throwing the highest quality paid traffic at a low converting page will not fix the problem.

With Facebook and Google’s AI and machine learning being so advanced, when you get a click you can count on it being a decent click.

Here I will share with you my method for diagnosing and fixing problems based on knowing who your best buyers are.

If you don’t have a proven track record of being able to convert cold traffic into buyers, that’s an entirely different problem.

No one is clicking your ads.

The problem is the ad and the angle of the ad is bad.

The lead-in in the first few sentences does not have any intrigue or gives away that you are selling something before you build up the desire.

You don’t sell the value of clicking through to the landing page.
The headline is weak.

These are easy to fix and everything can be adjusted with better ads.

You get clicks to your landing page, but they don’t convert.

This happens when your ads are not congruent with your landing page.

Maybe you updated the ads but didn’t update the landing page.

-Is the page loading fast on desktop and mobile?

-Is the Call To Action above the fold?

-Is your copy weak and does it not sell what the value is for the user to continue?

– Is your form working?

This can be easily diagnosed using a tool like HotJar that will allow you to record the screen and find out what’s happening.

They opt-in but don’t take action.

This means your offer is weak.

-You don’t hit the hot buttons of your prospects.

-You don’t build up the value enough to make them take action.

-Is your buy button on the next step working on mobile and desktop?

-This is easy to fix with some copywriting and value proposition work.

But here is the problem.

Every business owner thinks their offer will convert and all they need is traffic.

Traffic only amplifies what’s already there; it’s not a magic bullet that can fix everything that is broken.

The next time your offers are not converting, refer to my little diagnostic checklist and work through each step until you identify and correct the problem.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland