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Charles K.: Hey, hey. This is Charles Kirkland. You made it back to episode number two. Episode number one was shut off your marketing. So either you’re intrigued, or you think I’m a complete crazy person, but I’ll let you make that decision. Next thing we need to look at is why we need to fire some clients to make more money. And you say, “Charles, that’s so counterproductive.” Just listen to me for a second. If you were to look at your client list, you probably have some clients that take up virtually no time. Easy, very high ROI. You’ve got other clients that basically suck down an exponential amount of time, energy, work, brain power, however you like to look at it. The question I have to ask you is, if you were to break down your billings and look at them, are you making money with those clients? Very simple. “Charles, I bill by the hour. Of course I’m making money.” If you were to look closer, the ones that I’m talking about that really take up exponentially more time and everything else, very often you’ll find you’re doing additional stuff for them above and beyond the scope of work, and next thing you know, they’re actually coming out really, really, really ahead of this game, and you’re literally spending some of your best, most valuable time with people that really aren’t … You’re probably paying them to be a client. I’m just making that statement.

If you were to look at your client roster, you would be amazed at how many agencies, firms, businesses, however you like to look at this, how many businesses have these problems. So with that said, take a look at your list and let me know about what you know. Also, as a side note, you’ll also find that there are gonna be certain clients that have these problems. A lot of time it comes back to these clients were some of the very first clients you got. Where you would do pretty much anything for a paycheck. They were offering money, so you were going to jump. B, you did everything yourself. So when they call up, they still want to talk to you and nobody else. And these are often the type of clients that are your lowest-paying clients. So keep that in mind. Go look at your best-paying clients, your worst-paying clients, and look how much time you spend on them.

Anyway, this is Charles. Hope you enjoy the podcast. It would really make my day if you would like this podcast, share this podcast, and give me feedback. And that’s how we know we’re doing the right thing. So with that said, head over to TrinityMarketingAgency.com. You’ll discover we are a virtual marketing team. We specialize in the MSP IT space and our job is to make tech companies grow. So with that said, this is Charles. Have a good one, and I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.