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Charles:  Hey, hey. This is Charles Kirkland, welcome to the very first episode of MSP and IT Marketing. Your daily dose of marketing for the tech world. So with that said, if your sales are not where you expect them to be, if your business isn’t growing at what you expect, we have a problem. And I think the first thing you need to do is shut off your marketing. You say, “Wait a second, Charles, this is the very first podcast, and you’re telling me to close my marketing?”

Charles: Before you come to the conclusion I’m a complete idiot, listen to what I’ve got to say. Apples and oranges. They’re both fruits, correct? Have two different tastes. Sales and marketing are two different activities. So many times, I see businesses put them together. The guy who’s dialing for the dollars is also writing your marketing. Or the guy who’s writing your marketing is also dialing for dollars.

Charles:  The problem you have is these are very individual tasks. If I talked to an owner, and I say, “Hey, what is your close rate?” Nine times out of ten, people are like, “You know, if I can get you on the phone, I’m going to close you, it’s not a problem, I’m going to provide value, blah blah blah.” The reality of it is great, that is sales.

Charles: Marketing, the job of marketing, is to get people to that point. It’s to get people to the deal. Once you’re at the deal, then we start talking and that’s when sales takes over. Unfortunately, these are completely different tasks. And if your business isn’t growing, or if it’s stagnated, I’m going to bet nine times out of ten it’s an issue with marketing. Because most owners, and most sales reps, are probably pretty good at closing.

Charles: So, if your business isn’t growing, we need to look at a, what are you doing for the marketing? Are you doing marketing consistently? Or are you marketing haphazardly when you can think about it? Is it just strictly word of mouth when somebody calls you up? That is where we need to take a look. Most of the time in these businesses that we’re involved in, it is not sales the problem. Sales is not the problem. Most of the time, it is a marketing effort.

Charles: So with that said, keep that in mind. Think about that, and make sure to go listen to the next podcast. With that said, if you want to learn more about me and trending marketing, we serve the IT/MSP space with marketing really your virtual outsource marketing team. So go ahead and click the link below the podcast, check us out. This is Charles Kirkland, have a good one.