How are your monthly sales figures looking?

Is it a roller coaster ride of feast or famine?

Does this sound like you?

Some months you have more work than you can handle even if you worked 80 hours a week.

Other months you are digging change from under the car seat to buy gas.

If you answered “yes,” then you don’t have a predictable and consistent way to get new leads.

The fastest way to grow your business is to have confidence.

That’s something few people talk about.

Confidence comes when you have enough leads to charge more, turn down the wrong clients, and focus on delivering an amazing experience.

When you don’t have enough leads you feel desperate.

You under-change because you feel you HAVE to pay bills.

You take on projects that are a bad fit, and you know it.

And the entire time you are telling yourself that this will be a fast and simple project.

Somehow you will make money on it.

You end up losing so much money until you would have been better off paying the client to go somewhere else.

When you don’t have confidence, you make the same mistakes over and over.

What’s the last project that you turned down?

Having a predictable flow of leads is the lifeblood of a successful business.

It inspires confidence to grow because you know that you have cash flow.

Now think about this.

When you start turning down the wrong kind of projects and work on the right ones it changes how you look at your business.

And what’s crazy is you start to grow like wildfire.

You end up getting referrals from your best clients who refer new clients who are just like them.

Go figure!

Everything begins with having confidence that comes from having a predictable and consistent lead flow.