Am I a failure?

I’m writing this on my iPad so please excuse any mistakes.

My inbox and social media have exploded with marketers screaming about crazy deals and why you need to buy now.

I wish them well, and hope they make all the money they can.

A lot of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns you see have been influenced by me. 🙂

Don’t hold that against me; clients hire me to maximize ROI.

It seems that if you don’t follow what the crowd is doing, you must be failing.

All the cool kids are having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, and you don’t want to be the only one left out.

People have been asking if I am going to have a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale.

The answer is….nope.

It’s not going to happen in any way, shape or form.

Here’s why.

I’m not a commodity.

Clients want me to grow the bottom line, and I’m really great at it.

Some days I can take $2K and turn it into $31K.

Other days I beat my head against the wall until I can create a breakthrough.

Genius marketing campaigns don’t happen on demand. It takes trial and error to figure out what works.

Since I don’t have anything for sale, I want to share some advice that can change your business.

“Great results go hand-in-hand with proper planning.”

In a perfect world we would have time to plan everything out to the nth degree.

Plus create backup plans for the most likely failures.

All too often we are under pressure to execute and doing so without a plan can lead to “random acts of chaos.”

Stop and prioritize your growth tasks to improve results.

Take time to create an action plan of specific things you can implement immediately.

Hockey stick growth curves only happen with proper planning and execution.

Charles Kirkland