Nobody wants to hear that 81% of total sales evaporated into thin air. But the real truth is it’s more like 94% depending on your niche and the LTV of your buyers.

You spend time and money getting people to your site with SEO, Facebook, Google and email marketing only to have it fall apart at the checkout.

Think of all the time that is put into creating the best copy and graphics trying to convince them to buy only to have them bail on your checkout page.

That’s like burning brand new $100 bills to light cheap, wet cigars.

Each and every day you don’t have an abandoned cart Facebook campaign in place you are missing potential sales.

When shoppers abandon your cart without checking out, it’s lost money in more ways than you might realize.

Here is the part that people really don’t think about.

What is the Life Time Value of your buyers?

If your prospects don’t check out, then they never purchase upsells, downsells or become repeat customers.

You are missing out on the real backend money in your business. Now take this lost revenue and multiply it times 10 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Monday is the last day we are taking on new orders for our Facebook Ads 6 Pack plan and have it ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

When you order this package we will create 6 ads for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

  1. Remarketing Ad
  2. Cart Abandonment Ad
  3. Lookalike Ad
  4. Warm Traffic Ad
  5. Cold Traffic Ad
  6. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Ad

Click here and order today because we create the ads based on when we receive your order. The sooner you order, the sooner you will get your ads back for review.

Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland

P.S. Black Friday and Cyber Monday should be the biggest sales days of the year. Don’t let them slip by without running the best Facebook ad possible.