The changes in the world of digital marketing are non-stop.

Some people look at this as a problem. I want to encourage you to look at it as an opportunity to take advantage of your competition’s lack of innovation.

Every change offers opportunities that didn’t exist yesterday.

The quicker you adopt to these changes and see the opportunities, the quicker your market share will grow.

Today I want to cover some of the questions I’ve gotten asked over the past week.

   1. Is it worth using the smaller second-tier ad networks or should I just stick to 1st tier ad networks?

Until you have maxed out your reach I would skip the smaller ad networks.

You’ll spend so much time fighting fraud and trying to scale.

I don’t care what I pay per click as long as I know the quality of the click meets my criteria.

It’s about conversions, not about cost-per-click.

   2. Can I use Facebook for B2B?

Yes, in the right context. You have to understand that Facebook is really a mega business resource.

The problem is most marketers come off as cyber stalkers. When you’re creating Facebook ads the key is to make sure you are relating to the context of the targeting.

Nobody ever gets mad about relevant ads.

What people get upset about is seeing ads that aren’t relevant or out of context for them.

  3. What do I think of Infusionsoft’s new brand?

Here’s a link to go check out the new Infusionsoft/Keap branding:

As I watched the video, I literally had tears. But then again I cry over Disney movies so that may not be a good comparison.

They have nailed their target market’s fears, desires, hopes and aspirations.

But with ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp, HubSpot, and Drip adding new features daily the question is are these changes too late?

My #1 rule for winning in business is…

It’s not who has the best product; it’s who has the best marketing that wins.

That wraps it up for today. I hope everybody is going to have a highly productive day. I know I will.

Talk soon,
Charles Kirkland

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